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LEDIMIDAS CHOCOLATES   5th generations of craftmenships.

                                    Quality, tradition, innovation


Dimtri Daskalidès, Alain Patenaude, Bernard Duchesne



  • The origin of Dimitris family can  be traced back to early 1800's  in Belgium and since the 1700's in the Ottoman empire. 
  • Since 1760, the  Kestekidès family  were providers of candied chesnuts, candied fruits & nougats made from crops harvested from the famous Cappadokian orchards knowned since antiquity.
  • In 1835 Jean Frederic & Georges Kriger-Zacharidès  created and popularized the modern potatoes fries in a form of small sticks  in Belgium. Later the coupe- Fritz invented by Georges Krieger-Zacharides
  • 1852.  The famous Fritz Waffles that will become the famous Belgian waffles in 1904  at the St Louis World fair.
  • 1897 In Belgium at the International world fair, the candied Fruit met Chocolate for the first time.
  • 191o  His great grand uncle Leonidas Kestekidès  was awarded the first  Medal at the International Fair of Brussels
  • 1922 Basile Kestekides  Prodromos and Efthalia Daskalidès- Kestekidès joined their uncle in Belgium and open tea room, pastry shops and Chocolate shops
  • 1933 Prodromos and Efthalia Daskalidès expand the original Establishment open in 1885 to become the largest establishment of its kind in Europe.
  • 1933 Invention of  the Original Belgian chocolate "Manons by Basile Kestekidès and Jean Daskalidès.
  • 1935  in Brussels world fair  the Manons became the icon of the belgian chocolates assortment.
  • 1936  the first shop dedicated to Manons and others Belgian truffles open in Brussels
  • 1966 Dimitri became apprenctice at his Grand Uncle Basile Chocolate factory Leonidas in Brussels and at his grand father chocolate factory Daskalidès in Ghent.
  • 1997 Dimitri open Deliska tradition in Orlando Florida.
  • 2008 Ledimidas was incorporate  in Montréal Canada

  • Corporate Executive Chef François Keller


    LeDimidas is very proud to have the world renowned Chef and Chocolatier François Keller as our Corporate Executive Chef. Chef Keller was Chef to the King of Belgium, Executive Chef of Rockefeller Center, Executive Chef of the Ritz Carlton in Montreal, Co-Chef of the French Pavilion at Epcot Center at Disney World with Chef Paul Bocuse and Chef Gaston LeNotre and Executive Chef for Mary Kay.


    These past positions are just part of Chef Keller’s accomplishments. Chef Keller has participated in many international competitions. He was seven times head of the Canadian Culinary Olympic team. He has won numerous Gold Medals and commendations. He has represented Belgium and Canada at three World Fairs. He has cooked for many Presidents and dignitaries.


    Chef Keller oversees all areas of research and development at LeDimidas. He represents the company at trade shows and fairs. He is also very active in supporting sales and training for LeDimidas’ distributors and other customers.




Core Business:  Premium chocolate in chips and  innovative desserts with the original Belgian recipes. Wholesale Hotels, restaurants, ice cream parlors, food distributors, Chocolate and coffee shops shops.

Ledimidas products, for the general public, are only availlable online


Che Francois Keller http://www.chefkeller.net/

Contact Us ......................... Contacter nous

It is very easy to get in touch with us.  

Canada &  North East US

1-514- 963-38781-514- 963-3878

USA   714-394-0055714-394-0055 

Belgium  write 


We offer: 



  • Real Belgian Wonder Chocolat for Ice Cream Parlors, Restaurants, Hotels.
  • Belgian Soufflé cakes (AMAZING dessert ready in a few minutes).
  • Chocolate/Fruit Inclusions for Gelatto, Ice cream and Yogurt.
  • Chocolacards
  • Pralinés blisters for chocolacards

Retail on-line:


Familly Desserts and Belgian chocolate gifts (USA-CANADA).

Easy to prepare in a few minutes.

We offer  seasonal retail gifts such as Belgian White Chocolates, Manons, and Belgian Praliné Squares.

Unique Belgian warm chocolate desserts, Wonder Chocolat Fondue & our Belgian Souffle Cakes. 


Il est très simple de nous contacter

Canada: 1 - 514 963 38781 - 514 963 3878

USA 1 802 489 12131 802 489 1213




Ventes en gros


Ventes en ligne

  • Dessert familliaux au chocolat
  • Manons original : Chocolats belges  fourrés de délcieuses crèmes laitières au purées de fruits organiques et les originaux à la crème au beurre café 
  • Carrés  Pralinés au Lait, noir, cappuccino, à la menthe
  • Les soufflés au chocolat belge prêt en une minute ( Micro-ondes)








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