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Our History

LeDimidas' history started several years ago when Dimtri Daskalidès needed large quantities of Premium chocolate pucks to be inbedded in Lava cakes. Something that turned out to be harder than he had thought. In his Orlando, Florida plant it was impossible to get the required amount of chocolate pucks needed. So Dimtri had to traipse from Belgian manufacturers until he finally had enough to supply bakeries. Visibly annoyed, Dimtri announced to his wife: “I can do better than that!“

No sooner said than done, Dimtri founded a new wholesale business to supply North American bakeries with premium Belgian chocolate products. Unbeknownst to him, had tapped into a huge market gap. Shortly after Dimtri opened his doors, he had gained a large customer following.

Even years later, the local food service businesses are still among LeDimidas' regular customers, and many more have joined them – from Ice cream parlors and restaurants chains to distributors and manufacturers: LeDimidas currently supplies a wide variety of customers. Dimtri and his company are considered specialists for all kinds of premium Belgian chocolates, and a competent partner when it comes to taking care of quality.

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It is very easy to get in touch with us.  

Canada &  North East US

1-514- 963-38781-514- 963-3878

USA   714-394-0055714-394-0055 

Belgium  write 


We offer: 



  • Real Belgian Wonder Chocolat for Ice Cream Parlors, Restaurants, Hotels.
  • Belgian Soufflé cakes (AMAZING dessert ready in a few minutes).
  • Chocolate/Fruit Inclusions for Gelatto, Ice cream and Yogurt.
  • Chocolacards
  • Pralinés blisters for chocolacards

Retail on-line:


Familly Desserts and Belgian chocolate gifts (USA-CANADA).

Easy to prepare in a few minutes.

We offer  seasonal retail gifts such as Belgian White Chocolates, Manons, and Belgian Praliné Squares.

Unique Belgian warm chocolate desserts, Wonder Chocolat Fondue & our Belgian Souffle Cakes. 


Il est très simple de nous contacter

Canada: 1 - 514 963 38781 - 514 963 3878

USA 1 802 489 12131 802 489 1213




Ventes en gros


Ventes en ligne

  • Dessert familliaux au chocolat
  • Manons original : Chocolats belges  fourrés de délcieuses crèmes laitières au purées de fruits organiques et les originaux à la crème au beurre café 
  • Carrés  Pralinés au Lait, noir, cappuccino, à la menthe
  • Les soufflés au chocolat belge prêt en une minute ( Micro-ondes)








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